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PT. Rhemacom Distribusi strategy is the indirect sales model which is based on loyalty and long-term cooperation. PT. Rhemacom Distribusi works in partnership with system integrators, resellers, and consultant that reach the end customers.

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PT. Rhemacom Distribution is a company engaged in the distribution of IP-based CCTV cameras mainly Camera. Our focus is on providing solutions for security surveillance  system in IF-based CCTV Camera technology

PT. Distribution Rhemacom  supported by staff who are expert in their field and have experience and are supported by a solid management team, so as to provide the commitment and the outcome is in line with expectations.

Moving on PT. Distribution Rhemacom ready to cooperate and provide support As well as providing solutions to bussiness partners within the framework of the construction and development of system that will be applied. 

Our Vision

Making a company that provides solutions to its partners.

Our Mission

1. Provide the best goods and services to partners.
2. Provide a rapid response time in service.
3. Provide solution to the wants and needs of partners.
4. Create a harmonious synergy with partners.

About Us
PT. Rhemacom Distribusi was established in 2004 by the professional who have extensive experiences in IT industry for more than 20 years. The founders, used to work in several Multi National IT companies, have broad up this establishment to make the company growth and becomes the market leader in Indonesia IT industry......More about us
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